Suggested Cooking Equipment

As an avid home cook, I love testing and using different kitchen gadgets. Below are descriptions and recommendations for kitchen equipment, separated into four categories.

For those of you not too familiar with the kitchen, I recommend you start on essentials, then take a look at Beyond the Essentials and Time Savers. After getting the essentials, I highly recommend purchasing cast iron cookware, and a slow cooker. These items are so versatile, they will be well worth the cost to purchase them.

For those of you that already know your way around the kitchen, I suggest you look at Time Savers and Advanced Gadgets.

Essentials: The bare basics that a home cook requires in order to get started cooking.

Beyond the Essentials: The next step above essentials – If you have a bit of extra money, these are wonderful to have and use without getting too crazy.

Time Savers: Not 100% necessary, but these tools save a ton of time, and if you have the money, they would be worth looking into and taking advantage of.

Advanced Gadgets: These tools are specialty-related and fun. Advanced cooks will enjoy using these, but for the most part, are not required.