All of these recipes are of my own creation, and are made with healthy ingredients. Some of the classics have a healthy twist, but are just as delicious. Enjoy!




  • Mixed Berry (in progress)
  • Chocolate Peanut butter (in progress)
  • Tropical Pineapple  (in progress)
  • Chocolate Mint  (in progress)
  • Strawberry  (in progress)
  • Orange Cream  (in progress)


  • Mixed Berry Overnight Oats (in progress)
  • Strawberry Chia Pudding (in progress)
  • Zucchini Bread (in progress)
  • Banana Bread (in progress)
  • Breakfast Muffins (in progress)
  • Homemade Greek Yogurt (in progress)
  • Breakfast Granola (in progress)
  • Whole Wheat sourdough starter pancakes (in progress)

Entrées & Sides

  • Black Beans & Rice with BBQ Chicken and Onion/Bell Pepper Sauté
  • ‘Fried’ Rice  (in progress)
  • Beef & Broccoli (in progress)
  • Vegetable Stir Fry  (in progress)
  • Easy Cajun Pork Tenderloin (in progress)
  • Easy Italian Pork Tenderloin (in progress)
  • Roasted Root Vegetables (in progress)
  • BBQ Chimichuri vegetables (in progress)
  • Roasted Beats with Goat cheese and Pecans (in progress)
  • Italian Bruschetta Pasta (in progress)
  • Crispy Oven Fried Tarragon Chicken (in progress)
  • Grilled Chicken & Avocado Pannini (in progress)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Pannini (in progress)
  • Healthy Sloppy Joes Slow (in progress)
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos (in progress)
  • Asian Salmon (in progress)
  • Garlic & Herb Salmon (in progress)
  • Cauliflower “Mashed Potatos” (in progress)



  • Garden Salad (in progress)
  • Italian Bruschetta Salad  (in progress)
  • Greek Pasta Salad (in progress)
  • Potato Salad (in progress)
  • Egg Salad  (in progress)

Homemade Spice Blends

  • All-Purpose “Santa Maria” Blend (in progress)
  • Garden Ranch Blend (in progress)
  • Cajun Blend (in progress)
  • Italian Blend (in progress)
  • Mexican Blend (in progress)
  • Sweet & Spicy BBQ Blend (in progress)

Homemade Salad Dressings & Marinades

  • Oil and Vinegar Dressing (in progress)
  • Ranch Dressing (in progress)
  • Blue Cheese Dressing (in progress)
  • Honey Mustard Dressing (in progress)
  • Asian Sesame Dressing (in progress)
  • Green Avocado Dressing (in progress)
  • Chimichuri Sauce (in progress)

Homemade Bread Making

  • Sourdough Starter (in progress)
  • Rustic Rye Bread (in progress)
  • Rustic Whole Wheat Bread (in progress)
  • Naan Bread (in progress)
  • New York Style Pizza dough (in progress)
  • Pita Bread (in progress)
  • Focaccia Bread (in progress)