Log Your Progress

After consistently exercising for a few weeks or months, it’s easy to push forward couple of exercise days, or take that extra donut from the break room – you’ve been exercising, it’s fine, right? You stop seeing results, and soon, all of those extra treats and breaks add up. Progress starts going backwards instead of forwards. You ask yourself why your exercise program is not working and you lose motivation. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes, we don’t realize just how many treats we are taking in, and how many exercise days we are putting off. The best way to look at our trending behavior is to track it. It shows us exactly what we have been doing so that A. we are made accountable and B. we can do something about our actions before they get out of control and we lose motivation.

A study in 2008 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, among others, has shown that we are more likely to maintain our nutrition goals and healthy behaviors if we track them. For a list of trackers visit the Download page.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction we get from checking off a line on a to-do list; we feel as though we have accomplished something and we are making progress. If we utilize this behavior, it can help motivate us to keep on track and reach our goals. We are less likely to reach for that break room donut when we know we will have to write it in our food log, or skip out on a day of exercise and leave days unchecked in the exercise log.

For Exercise, the first tracker I recommend trying out is the Exercise Walk Log – Monthly

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