Keep Motivated

Keeping motivated is one of the most challenging aspects of keeping fit and healthy. We know exercise and balanced meals are crucial for our well being, but sometimes it seems like months of effort and motivation can fly out the window from just one slip up.

So how then, do we keep our eyes on the prize, so to speak?

Everyone is motivated in slightly different ways. What motivates one individual may not necessarily motivate another. I have composed a number of strategies that I have come across that have helped myself and others. Look through them, take what interests you, and try incorporating them into your life.

  1. Clearly establish attainable goals
  2. Create healthy habits
  3. Log all progress
  4. Eat for the long term, not for the short term
  5. Plan meals and snacks (in progress)
  6. Secure a support network (in progress)
  7. Focus on accomplishments (bright spots) and eliminate distractions (in progress)

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