Body Measurements

You will require: Body Measurement Tape

Body Measurements

Note: It is critical that measurements be taken at the same location each time or the data will not be accurate.

Body Measurement Sites:

Neck: Men: Across Adam’s Apple, Women: around middle.

Chest: Across the nipple line.

Biceps: At the maximum circumference of the biceps, measure with palms facing forward, arm relaxed.

Waist: Measure the narrowest point of the waist, below the rib cage and just above the top of the hipbones. IF there is no apparent narrowing of the waist, measure at the navel.

Hips: With feet together, measure the circumference at the widest portion of the buttocks.

Thighs: Measure 10 inches above the top of the patella (knee cap).

Calves: At the largest portion of the calves, between the ankle and the knee.

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