Handy fitness and nutrition trackers to record workout progress and track nutrition intake.

Exercise Log

Duration format: 1d, 2d, 3d, 5d A, 5d B.

Includes: Date, exercise, reps, sets, weight, distance, time, intensity.

PDF Downloads:

Exercise 1d

Exercise 2d

Exercise 3d

Exercise 5d A

Exercise 5d B

Exercise-walk log

Duration format: Monthly.

Includes: Date, time, type, distance, description.

PDF Downloads:

Exercise Walk Log – Monthly

Nutrition Tracker

Duration format: 1d, 3d, 7d.

Includes: Date, meal description, approx. calories, calorie goal, supplements, water, coffee, alcohol, soda, dessert, sleep, daily exercise hours.

PDF Downloads:

Nutrition 1d

Nutrition 3d

Nutrition 7d

For those of you that are very precise about your nutrition intake, such as physique body builders and competitors, below is a nutrition log that allows you to track protein, carbs, and fats with a goal setter.

Nutrition 2d N

Habit Check List

Duration format: weekly

Includes: Date, habit description, check boxes.

PDF Downloads:

Habit Check List

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