Cooking Equipment: Time Savers

Electric Juicer:

If you enjoy fruit and vegetable juices, you may want to consider purchasing a juicer. Juicing is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. The fibrous pulp left over can also be used in pasta sauces and baked goods.

Food Processor:

Food processors often have a grating or slicing attachment that can make slicing veggies easier. They are also wonderful for making homemade larabars, pesto, and dough.

Hand Chopper:

A hand chopper makes chopping garlic, onions, nuts, and veggies a very quick process. If you are not confident in your knife skills, or want to save some time, these choppers are very useful.

Hand Mixer (beaters):

Hand mixers can be mechanical or electric. Mechanical mixers will be very inexpensive but slower, while electric hand mixers can be $15-$45. If you have extra money and enjoy baking, I suggest you invest in a stand mixer.

Immersion Blender:

These benders look like wands that can be placed directly into pots or cups to blend soups, mashed potatoes, and whip egg whites or cream. They are less messy and quicker than pouring hot soup into large blenders.


A mandolin allows for quick, consistent veggie slicing, grating and julienne. If you do not like how long it takes to chop veggies, consider getting a mandolin. It will take you far less time chopping and prepping.

Pressure Cooker:

Pressure cookers are sealed containers that use pressure to cook food faster. They can cook meats, vegetables, and grains such as rice, in record time.

Rice Cooker:

Rice cookers take the guess work out of cooking rice. If you or your family likes rice, I recommend getting a fuzzy logic rice cooker. It has a built in computer chip that regulates temperature and pressure to ensure rice is cooked properly and keeps it warm for hours.

Salad Spinner:

Salad spinners are useful for those who enjoy making salads. You can wash off the salad leaves, then spin the rest of the moisture off very quickly.

Spice Mill:

Spice mills work similar to mortar and pestles, but take much less time. You can grind up a spice mixture in just a few seconds. Spice mills can also double as coffee grinders.

Stand Mixer:

These mixers are large, heavy, and heavy-duty. If you enjoy baking, I highly suggest looking into one of these mixers. They can be rather expensive, but many have attachments that make it more versatile such as pasta attachments, mill attachments, etc.

Vacuum Food Saver:

This item tends to save money rather than time. It removes air and seals foods for long-term freezer storage. If you like cooking in bulk and freezing, you may want to look into this piece of kitchen equipment.

Yogurt Maker:

Yogurt is a great way to add protein, calcium, and probiotics to your diet. Making your own yogurt is very easy and saves tons of money. If you like yogurt, I recommend the Cuisinart CYM-100 or the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker. If you like Greek yogurt, consider buying a reusable yogurt strainer.