Info On Nutrients

Hi Everyone!

I just completed the Macronutrient section of the What are nutrients? page. This will give you a quick, general understanding about the different macronutrients that we take in for fuel and bodily function. Macronutrients consist of Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, and Water and Fiber. To find out more about what these nutrients are and what our body uses them for, follow the below link.

My next project is working on micronutrients, which consist of vitamins and minerals. I’ll create a post when that’s up and running.

**If you are interested in weight loss, I highly recommend reading about nutrients; the more information you have, the better – it will help you make the correct food choices because you will better understand why your body needs certain foods.

Exercise and Nutrition Trackers

Hi everyone!

I just finished the PDF versions of my exercise and nutrition trackers! I’ve been using the ‘unpretty’ versions of these trackers for years now and find them very useful. Just go to the ‘Download’ tab and click on the links.

My next project is to finish the Excel versions so that you can track progress right on your computer instead of printing them out hard copy. I want to make sure they are super user friendly before posting them. Feel free to use them to keep tabs on your fitness.



Hi Everyone,

The site is a little limited at the moment until I get things up and running and add a bit more content. I plan to have a few great features in the near future including:

  • Personalized Fitness Programs
  • Downloadable Fitness content (such as trackers)
  • Articles on and tips on Fitness and Fitness Nutrition

Be sure to keep checking back – this site is only going to keep growing!